19 September 2008

Bicycle Stylist?

Our local Craigslist has an ad up for a "Bike Stylist". It reads

Bike Stylist - Do You Love Your Bike?

Want your bike to look like a hardcore dream-ride? Want to breathe new life and functionality into an old bike? I will help!

You deserve the style and performance of a well spec'd bike. Like a good interior designer changes mere living space into showplaces, let me turn your bicycle into usable sculpture you'll be proud riding.

I have worked at a bike shop and am abreast on all the latest parts that will make your ride more comfortable, capable, and stylish. All budgets will be worked with. You will be happy and your bike will be too.

I can definitely see a market for this service - it really helps to have a friend who knows handlebar diameters, and issues with French bikes, all the 26" tire sizes, etc. It can be hard to know even what is possible for one's bike. If you don't have that friend, hire one!

Don't forget you can scroll through the ideas collected here tagged DIY and customization for ideas and inspiration. There's plenty more out there and I hope to encounter it. If you have a very customized bike and want to share photos, won't you email me?

The bicycle you love is the bicycle you will ride, and that's worth a lot.


general gow said...

okay. i guess...but don't they already do this at any bike shop in the country? and you don't have to pay interior designer fees to get it. so really, i guess i don't get it at all.

Tiago said...

Yes, I love my bicycle....

The Stouts said...

I can see the point to this, even in light of General Gow's comment. Reason being, is that save a scarce few, most shops I've been in are far more interested in new sales, usually of new bikes or latest and greatest componentry than they are of helping anyone make an old and sometimes oddball bike useful and nice again. In fact there have even been a couple shops in my area that explicitly state they will no longer work on older bikes.

While I find this really unfortunate, I guess it opens up new markets such as bike consultation. Heck, I know right now, I'm helping several people through the process of building up or upgrading old bikes to be good daily transport, and all are showing gratitude by keeping me stocked with beer, so apparently even with the plethora of bike shops in the Boulder area its worth more to folks to talk to a "bike consultant" and pay me something, than the bike shop alternative.