14 September 2008

Chic Fenders

old bike with custom fenders
If I had dark fenders I wanted to make more visible I would steal this bike's white patch - I think the teardrop shape is very elegant, particularly with the red reflector like a jewel.

painted bicycle fender


Carice Pingenot said...

I saw that bike at MIT this weekend and was admiring it! The frame is really unusual- more like a cruiser, but the sober paint job makes it look like a old English bike.

I also saw, but unfortunately couldn't pull out my cell phone in time to photograph an amazing tall bike onto which someone had attached the carcass of a rocking horse, so it looked like he was riding a "horsey" down the street- 6' above the ground!

Tiago said...

It's nice indeed... this cruiser it's just a "fine piece of bike". And your bike for sport ? Did you get it or not ? keep doing this fine blog, it's really good !


lagatta à montréal said...

The white patch (usually just a rectangle; not so elegant) was law in Britain; perhaps it still was. This before reflectors were the norm, to improve the visibility of cyclists on dark roads.

The frame look more like an old-fashioned US cruiser (though I'm no expert) but it could well have copied the Brit style, as so much in cycling has.

Charlotte said...

Yes, it's an American cruiser, and the sober paint job surprised me.

Lagatta- I believe that white patch is also law in India, which would make sense.

Tiago- I think I'll be picking up my new old sport bike tonight. I'm super nervous, it's old and expensive, but oh so beautiful. I'll just think of it as functional art, then the price isn't so bad.

Tiago said...

Whanna see it !!! Photos please !!!