26 September 2008

Rainy Day Portrait

bicycle rain brooks plastic bag
It is raining today, and I didn't see a single fellow cyclist on my way into work. I'll try again on my lunch break. In the meantime, here's my bike in his raincoat.


m e l i g r o s a said...

rain trooper!
Your handle bars look so cute & comfy.

nelsong said...

Nice bag! (the pannier one, not the plastic one on the seat.)

Could you share the details on where you got it?

Charlotte said...

Thanks meligrosa - they work well for me.

Nelsong, check out the links in this post. I hope you find a Carradice bike bureau, they really are the best. Mine was second-hand off eBay. Gotta love recycling!

Miles said...

Completely unrelated, but I thought I'd send you an accessorizing link: http://www.monkeylectric.com/m132s_gallery.htm.

There's a lot of fixie and stunt stuff, but also a few chic ladies in the video :)

And, yes, this is Miles, Erica and Doug's friend :) Been following for a while now!

Sean said...

Hello! Just FYI - I looked at this photo in its larger size and noticed that your taillight is broken. It looks like the cover fell off.

You've probably noticed this yourself, yet just in case you haven't...

Charlotte said...

Hey Sean,
Yes, I know. They don't sell replacement covers, and the light is still working fine. I don't want to put it in a landfill while it continues to work, so I just scan the bike lanes looking for another lost cover. I looked for mine but it was long-gone.

Why don't they sell the pieces one needs to keep these things in good shape?

Charlotte said...

Hey Miles -
Thanks for the link. I saw someone with that on the bike - it looked like it could be a safety move, they were very noticable!

lagatta à Montréal said...

I have several headlights that are missing a piece - the thing to fix it on the bicycle, the cover, or whatever. Pity one can't find replacement parts - and I do look for them in garage sales and church bazaars.

Bikes are happy with a bit of rain - no shortage of it in Amsterdam or Copenhagen, or once-upon-a-time bicycle-friendly Britain.

I've also seen very nice urban pannier bags - not too expensive - at La Maison des cyclistes in Montréal. http://www.velo.qc.ca/english/index.php?sm=m&page=maison (Aren't they nice - they've translated it into English).