09 September 2008

Guest Photos: Colorado SuperMum

mother twins bike bicycle trailer
How does she do it?

Looking great with kids in tow, N bikes for transportation and for recreation. Yesterday they biked to get ice-cream, followed by a stop at a park where this photo was taken.

But beyond that they actually took their kids (and pictured bike) on a two week trip through the Colorado mountains, which included a trip over Trail Ridge Road. Amazing.

I'm sure she looked chic throughout the whole family adventure. My hat's off to you N!

For more inspiration on their adventures, please visit her blog.


Kathleen said...

As the friend who joined N at the park this day, I wanted to share that their dog is in the trailer because she needed to be observed for medical purposes. Quite a rig, eh?!

Vanessa said...

hot stuff. I must now find out her set up!!

Charlotte said...

She's got tons of information on her blog. It's really quite remarkable, they made the child seat themselves.

miss sarah said...

That's so inspiring! And she's hot.

m e l i g r o s a said...

hot mom!
wowo trrailers/bugs, she's got it all, badass.

The Stouts said...

As the husband of Nickie, I must agree, she is hot ;)

She'd happily comment here, but alas our home computer is in the shop for a motherboard replacement, alas Nickie is sadly cut off from the world and living in the dark ages ;)

The dog is doing better in case anyone was wondering :)