17 September 2008

Gentleman Cyclist In Training

father son cyclists commuting school work
I see his dad all over town, always on his black modern-day Dutch bike. He wears a black leather jacket and straps a black leather briefcase to his rack. He just got the front rack a couple weeks ago. I imagine he's in a creative but lucrative field, something like advertising or architecture perhaps. I'm completely making that up, it's just one of the stories I weave about people I see.

His little duckling was having the best day ever as he followed Dad on the sidewalks of Boston and they commuted to school and work.


The Stouts said...

Thats really cool seeing that interaction.

I love meeting fellow bike commuters on my ride. Always interesting hearing other folks' stories and finding out what prompts the ride instead of the drive.

Just met a new chap yesterday on my commute home. Very cool guy. Lets see that happen in cars ;)

Charlotte said...

It's so true - and I find that people are less annoying when they can't hide behind tinted windows. We are forced to own our actions and for the most part that makes bicycle commuters more courteous.

Plus they tend to be really cool people!

m e l i g r o s a said...

such a cute pair!

Carice said...

I only wish Architecture was a lucrative profession....
I'm an architect and my partner is a scientist and someone recently sent us a ranking of the least well compensated professions per year of training: scientist was #1 and architect was #2. sigh.

Not bike related, of course, and I appreciate the thought that architects are people who ride cool bikes-

It's great to see that little one learning how to get himself around. My Dad cycle commuted to work for years- I just grew up thinking that was normal, and this little guy will too.

Charlotte said...

Ah, Carice, sorry. I don't know much about architecture, I certainly projected there. I do know all too well about #1!

He will know that commuting by bike is normal, and I hope he'll remember that joyful feeling he exhibited this morning.