29 September 2008

Lipstick Red Raleigh - now named "Lola"

red raleigh sports 3 speed
This bike was parked outside my coffee shop this morning and I thought it was too darling for words. I think the red ones must be rare, I haven't seen too many of them. This one was in perfect condition.


Anonymous said...

The chainring says it's older than 1972 and the mudguard stays say that its branded as one of the better grade Raleighs.

Pretty red color, sexy bike. Even tho the fenders look in good shape, I don't have a red one so you can let this one pass.
ol alf [being silly again]

2whls3spds said...

alf...still looking for a blue fender ;-)

That is a pretty bike. I have always been partial to red, but they never made the tall Superbes in that wonderful color. :-(


Melissa said...

Totally unrelatedly, does anyone know what happened to aLex of hank&me? The blog apparently has been deleted.

Charlotte said...

Hey Melissa,
Yes, they've moved along.

lagatta à montréal said...

Although I am fond of my black Raleigh Sprite (6-speed, though it must have initially have been a 5-speed) with its subtle Euro elegance, every time I see a red one I want it so much!

I've never had a red one. The last time I bought a new Raleigh Sports (3-speed) in the 1970s when they were already a bit of a retro item, I think the shop only had the brown ones. Someone beat me to purchase of a red "Robin Hood" (also made in Nottingham, of course, though I don't know whether that was a Raleigh division).

She is such a pretty, girly bike! Hope she is loved; looks like it from the shape she is kept in. I'd name her Lola. My black Sprite doesn't have a name yet...

Anonymous said...

loving lola... i'm bidding on a black sprite.. hope i get it