25 September 2008

Blur, even at low speeds

3-speed blurry bicyclist
I took many photos of her, all turned out blurry.
Time for a new camera, the blog is suffering as mine keeps failing at key moments.


Anonymous said...

What kind of camera are you using/thinking of buying? I'm also investigating other options and I'm tempted by some of the newer phone-cameras. One less item to carry!
Marc at Amsterdamize.com has been achieving amazing results with his N95...

lagatta à montréal said...

Yeah, ask our friend Marc. He achieved great results even when on his sail-bicycle gizmo himself, on carfree Sunday.

I actually liked the impressionist quality of this photo with the blues, but of course you don't want the whole blog like that.

Red béret out today! No gloves yet though.