10 October 2009

Carved Brooks Saddles

custom carved Brooks saddles
Photo by karagleather

I first came across these saddles on the to be, inspired blog, but the entire Flickr set is worth checking out. Kara does absolutely gorgeous work. I'd love to see a Western styled custom Brooks saddle.


Filigree said...

That is admirable work! I do woodblock and linoleum printmaking, which involves similar carving techniques and tools. I can tell you, that stuff takes forever to do properly and there is enormous pressure not to slip even once, as most mistakes are irreversible. Her prices are very reasonable given how much work and skill goes into this process.

Dottie said...

Wow, those are something else!

kfg said...

In my youth I did western style carving. Nowadays I am far more vegan sympathetic, but I have kept all my tools (tools are sacred items) and still have a quarter hide lying around someplace.

I've actually been considering making some western carved straps for my own sewn bags, but that is one of those projects "for the future."