13 October 2009

Massachusetts Avenue road work

Mass Ave under construction
Mass Ave is under construction. It looks like they're widening the roadway by taking out the raised center island. Dare I hope for a bike lane?


Anonymous said...

They are planning to add bike lanes. However, the medians will remain (except near the intersections) and the sidewalks are being narrowed (boo!)


Nick said...

So, I love that Boston is putting in more bike lanes on heavily trafficked routes/bike-accident-prone streets but I've always wondered why the objective is to allow cars and bikes to cohabitate on busy, busy streets rather than try and change bicycle traffic patterns to alternative routes that are less congested.

If Mass Ave is getting bike lanes solely between St. Boltoph St and Albany St, there are a couple alternatives that immediately come to mind. Northampton St goes essentially this entire stretch just one block west.

Yes, this is a one way going in the wrong direction, but the street seems wide enough for a dedicated two way bike lane extension of the sidewalk (similar to what MIT has done on Vassar St).

I go to NU so I know what biking between st boltoph and tremont st is like during peak hours (Terrifying) and I can't imagine it being much better than the Comm Ave bike lane once finished.

In my opinion, trying to divert bike traffic from already busy streets makes sense, while having the added benefit of possibly introducing new blocks to riders and being cheaper to construct.

Charlotte said...

Nick, you're very right, and I would love to know some alternatives in this area. It seems like so much of Boston is one way, the wrong way. I will check out Northampton because this is part of my area and I'd love a safer way to traverse.

Nick said...

There is also Springfield St a block east that is a one way in the correct direction!

And look, discovering new blocks already!

Charlotte said...

Nick, that W. Springfield is useless. You get one block but it's so hard to get there and you can't cross Tremont there. While you're waiting in that intersection I'll go up Boyleston and down West Newton.

If you get on Springfield at Tremont you'll be all right.