19 October 2009

Scarf - Gloves - Boots

gloves winter cyclistShe's looking cute on that bike, even in this cold. I'm guessing that we're seeing a pair of tights peeking between her trousers and her boots. That's a great trick for staying warm in New England, on and off a bike.


Filigree said...

Oh yeah, tights under trousers are a must. My first job was in a college in Northern NH, and Boston is nothing compared to living there. I had to buy work trousers in a size larger than my normal size, so as to be able to wear them with thermals underneath and still look respectable in the booty region. It's also great that knee-highs and over-the-knees are back in style in the US (and easily available in shops), as those can be worn to keep the lower legs warm without doing the full on tights-under-trousers thing.

Cris C. said...

oh indeed .. this is the point in the year where I'm always wearing tights underneath either shorts, breeches or trousers (depending on conditions). It's good to have the outer leg garments be loose enough to create some insulation, but not so loose as to interfere with pedaling.

Some folks might miss summer, but I, at least, welcome the additional clothing options that are brought on by fall and winter.

kfg said...

And if you want another 10 degrees of temperature rating, wear pantyhose under the tights.

Male bicycle racers have been "secretly" doing this for decades.

Anonymous said...

I do note her exposed wrists. Bike clothing manufacturers take note: a lot of women have long arms. A large jacket, jersey, etc is too big for us but the size that fits us leaves our wrists exposed. Longer sleeves, longer gloves.

Charlotte said...

Anonymous, for what it's worth, I got an extra long coat from the Gap. Mine is a small extra long and it fits really well.
I also have extra long gloves to wear with ordinary length coats.

And you're right, clothes manufacturers should take note!