01 October 2009

Free Bike in Boston

free bike in Boston

Last night I came across this free bike for daredevils outside the Christian Science Center.

free bike in Boston

free bike for Daredevils

It's a cute bike, I might have taken it to fix it up. But I'm not a daredevil. Would you have taken it? Do you think there was a candid camera somewhere nearby?


Velouria said...

So sad to see bicycles abandoned because "the brakes don't work". It is usually an easy fix - sometimes a matter of mere adjustment without even the need to purchase new parts.

I really can't take in any more bicycles, nor do I know anybody who needs one, but this would be a great opportunity for somebody.

The candid camera possibility did not occur to me, but good point : )

Charlotte said...

Honestly, the bike had more problems than cut brake cables leading to cheap calipers with decayed brake pads...
The cable for the 3 speed hub was also flopping around detached, and there was probably bearings issues, I didn't try it so I can't be sure, but this bike would need a serious mechanical overhaul. Only a (financial) daredevil should take this bike!

Charlotte said...

Ooops, not a 3-speed. Still, in the large pictures you can see the cable housings flopping all over the place.

kfg said...

Yeah, I probably would have taken it, and even though this really is a crap bike I would have either put it back into service with a complete overhaul, or at least cannibalized it to put something else back into service.

I'm just that sort of sucker - and you kids stop leaving your damned kittens on my front porch! (And how do you know not to leave puppies? The detailed knowledge you seem to have of me is a bit creepy).

Jon said...

They leave the puppies with me.

I, too, would have taken it and put iback in service. That would make an awesome coffee-shop bike for someone.

She Rides a Bike said...

Quite attractive. I would have taken it and used it as a class project for that bike repair and maintenance class I have yet to take.

Cycling Training said...

The situation seems a bit jerky. Possibility that there would be a camera to capture the person who would attempt to get the bike and then a joke can be cracked.

antbikemike said...

I love the rear rack on this bike! I would have taken it. I used to find bikes like this in the trash all the time when I lived in Somerville. I would pick it up and rest it on my handlebars and front rack, holding the bike and grips with my fingers or steering with the new found bike. I would often find more than one in a morning...my record for carring bikes on my bars is 4 at once :)

Charlotte said...

Mike, You're totally right, I hadn't even considered that. If the sign had said "Free awesome rear rack" I would have taken it in a second.

FOUR bikes??? I think this is one for the internet jargon: POIDH
(Pics or it didn't happen)
I just can't even imagine four bikes on the handlebars!

Tlahtopil said...

This reminds me of a braking technique my kids use, because their hands are too small to pull the levers: stick your foot between the frame and the rear tire... Not a daredevil issue, just a little of ingenuity.

the mighty war-khan said...

Hey, I collected this bike and immediately bunny hopped through the plate glass of a nearby bakery, while throwing my buck-fifty at the register and catching a toasted poppyseed bagel with lox and cream cheese without so much as a how-do-you-do?

Yeah, me and "Rooster" were made for each other.