03 April 2010

Marathon Monday Ride

My friend Cris alerted me to this ride last year, after I'd sadly already missed it. Won't make that mistake again! See the press release or read on....

Be a part of history with this bicycle endeavor. Since 1986, every Patriot's Day, a group of 40+ cyclists, lead by Hal Gabriel, join forces to bike the Boston Marathon path. It's a 52 miles excursion from Boston to Hopkinton and back. Be assured you will not be alone and there is enough support to get everyone through this trek.

Upon the participants return, the Greater Boston Central YMCA will provide free refreshments and Fitness Foundry will dole out free T-shirts. It's a Win, Win event.

Here are the details on 'Hal's 25th Annual Boston Marathon Day Ride':

52 Total Miles. 26 miles each way.
BYOB: Bring Your Own Bicycle
Cost: Free
Experience: All are welcomed
Date: April 19, 2010
Start Time: 6:00am EST
Estimated End Time: 10am
Location: The front steps of 'The Greater Boston Central YMCA' on Huntington Ave., Boston, Mass.
Weather: Rain or Shine.
Pre-requisite: Must sign agreement form to participate in physical activity.

Things to Consider:
Please arrive 20 minutes early to prepare for the ride.
They ride to the starting point in Copley Square.
There is no competition. Ride at your own pace.
Weather elements. Dress accordingly.
Be cautious of potholes.
Be smart and alert to surroundings.
Have Fun and Enjoy the Ride.
Hal’s motto for this year is “Keep Moving”…
Be well and stay active

Sounds like the closest I'm ever going to get to participating in the Boston Marathon so I'm planning to ride. Hope to see you there!


MamaVee said...

I wish it wasn't that early- I would go stand on comm ave and wave at you. But I would gather I'll still be snug in my bed. have fun!

Velouria said...

I have never been on a group ride and am very reluctant to try it, but I really, really want to go on a 100 mile ride already - and going alone doesn't seem to work!

Charlotte said...

For non-competitive long distance cycling with others, check out the Boston Brevet Series. It's not really a group ride, but it is good fun!

Anonymous said...

Velouria, there are quite a few supported century rides. Give this one a whirl, it's not too hilly & you have a month to get ready.


Charlotte said...

I will second the CRW ride, though it's a bit longer than the BBS 100K (which is happening right now and I wussed out because of the rain).

I'm related to one of the CRW organizers for that century and I know she's put her heart into making it a great ride. Everyone should go!