12 April 2010

Singlespeed Basket Bike

singlespeed basket bike
Spotted in Cambridge, this bike was notable for having what appear to be Pier 1 Imports-style baskets front and rear, but perfectly sized to fit correctly on those respective racks. It makes for an elegant and proportional look.

bike front basket
The headlight is mounted to the rack under the front basket.

bike rear basketThe rear basket is larger and the rear wheel accented with an array of spoke cards. I'm not sure I've seen quite this much spoke accessorizing in general, I find it fun on this bike.

I like it!


Xue said...

that's chicagokarl's bike!

Anonymous said...

updated picture

It has gone through some changes.
And the baskets are from Target.

Charlotte said...

Right on!
Love the headlights, but what happened to the Target baskets? They were so nice!

Charlotte said...

Darn it all! I meant to ask about the not-smiley guy stickers?

cycler said...

I saw this bike Saturday evening in Harvard sq. It still had the baskets, and it had something like 100 not smiley faces on it, and a dinosaur horn.
I was so sad that I had neither my phone nor my camera on me, so it's really odd that you just blogged it!

Dottie said...

That bike with those front and rear wicker baskets is very cool. I like it, too!

m e l i g r o s a said...

love how that little y ellow guy is peaking into the photo :D so cute!!

Chicago Karl said...

The baskets temporarily came off for the winter, as i was worried about the snow ruining them.

Maybe I'll take a more updated photo sometime this week.

Owner's Brotato said...


Quyen said...

Hi did you get any durable basket and mount it on the front and rear rack?