06 April 2010

Places to go, things to carry

lady with cargo on her bikeWe saw this bike parked outside our café and were marveling at the amount of cargo this person was carrying. Imagine our surprise when a lady about our mothers' age emerged from the café with a box of pastries, added it to her load, and pedaled off in her black ankle boots and little red riding jacket. Definitely not the urban warrior we expected, but an urban warrior all the same. I want to be like her when I grow up!

lady with cargo on her bike


Velouria said...

Over the past year, we have seen an increasing number of people with panniers on their bikes in Cambridge/Somerville. It's a comforting trend to see!

Schmessers said...

Careful ... I am your mother and ride to work daly. Shop on the way home. A woman's job never ends.