26 April 2010

Stylish Safe Simplicity

After I posted South End Simplicity, a reader submitted a beautiful bike that is clearly a friend to that one, also with cloth-taped handlebars, but this one features a brake lever (and brake!):

singlespeed bike
I love the cloth tape on my handlebars. The natural feel in my hand is particularly nice for a city commuter on which I do not generally wear gloves (weather permitting). With my inverse levers I never had to wrap around a brake lever, however this bike looks great! I particularly like how the curve of the cable housing is integrated with that of the handlebar. It all looks so graceful.

cloth tape handlebar wrap with a brake lever
The final classy touch is, of course, the wooden end caps. They make me think of a wine bottle stopper, or a child's toy, both much nicer than the plastic-y things that come in the box with handlebar tape. C - did you make these? Is there any place a person can buy a set?

classy wooden end caps for cloth handlebar tape

A beautiful, simple, bike.


She Rides a Bike said...

The elegance of black and a splash of red. I love the simplicity and lack of florishes.

Nick G-W said...

That's a gorgeous conversion. Is it single speed or fixed gear? There is only one break which is usually a sign of fixed, but there aren't any toe clips (clip on shoes?) which is usually a ss trait!

I really like those end caps as well, might have to try and make a pair

John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

The padded top tube - the bike is to big for the person who owns it or is it for to carry a passenger? Curious. Do love the simplicity.

A Parisian Cyclist said...

I would have put chromed aluminium mudguards, but the bike is quite elegant, simple and elegant.

Richard said...

beautiful bike. Love the wood handlebar plug!

somervillain said...

sinbad, the padded top tube is most likely to protect the tube from scratches, from frequently leaning it against posts and such.

Anonymous said...

Brooks (the saddle people) make a leather handlebar-wrap set that comes complete with beautiful wooden plugs. Hope this helps!

Rebekah said...

this is where i bought my wrap and cork/wooden plugs...i am happy with both! :)