01 April 2010

Single Rose

Rose on a red bikeSpotted parked in the South End, you know I smiled when I saw this racy-looking chromed red singlespeed, with a rose on the handlebars.

I imagine the person who rides this bike - probably someone who is usually a speedster, but was given this rose-ring by someone dear to them and so s/he abandoned the minimalist aesthetic to keep it close, there on the handlebars.

Or maybe it's a conscious reminder to 'stop and smell the flowers'?

Whatever the story, I love flowers on bikes in general, and the dichotomy of this mental image in particular.

rose on a bike


Velouria said...

Yessss, you are back! We were in the South End today on our Motobecanes. Finally, the weather is beautiful!

Perhaps the rose was given to the bicycle as a corsage by a handsome suitor?

Dottie said...


Makes me wonder - are cyclists in Boston more likely to decorate their bikes or are you exceptionally perceptive when it comes to finding them? Maybe a little of both :)