23 April 2010

Purple Suede Heels

girl on a three speed with purple suede heelsThis lady looks beautiful on her old three speed, but I just love the unexpected shoes!


cycler said...

Those "pointy" heels take me back to the 80's.
Not sure completely how I feel about that trend coming back, but I do like the eye catching heels in an otherwise monochrome outfit

Velouria said...

What a great look! And it is so pleasing to see how many people around Boston ride old 3-speeds. Good to know these bicycles are being cared for and given a good life.

Anonymous said...

do you take these pictures with a iphone or camera ? especially the action photos how do you capture someone in motion ?

I enjoy your blog, it is one of the few consistent cycling blogs. I know it must be a chore some days, however your comments are uplifting and keep me on the road to fitness.

Charlotte said...

Anonymous, thank you for your kind comments. It's true, I'm feeling burned out, but will try to pick this back up again!

In answer to your question, I carry a little point and shoot camera around with me. I should get an iPhone, it would be easier, but I haven't yet.