10 June 2008

"Be truthful. Keep learning. Keep loving. That’s enough"

This article has already been blogged, but I think it bears repeating, mostly because I think there's a lot more for us here than merely fashion (blasphemous, I know!)

“I don’t like to throw anything away that’s valuable. We’re very careful with gasoline, electricity, water,” he said. “We try to make things last. We’re real conservatives unless you’re talking politics.”

This is a man who has his priorities straight. Riding a bike is just a considered aspect of an overall philosophy. I'm slowly learning something about myself by keeping this blog. Similar to what I realized in my musings on "cycle chic", reading this article has reaffirmed to me that a thoughtful and cohesive philosophy which includes cycling is universally considered fashionable cycling.

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meligrosa said...

I love this guy, Im glad you all posted it, it's indeed very inspiring.

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