02 June 2008

Product Review: Nitto Periscopa stem

This is really just an excuse to post another photo of my beloved bike.

The new stem is a Nitto Periscopa from Rivendell. It is intended to "shorten the cockpit" and that it does. I take a larger frame because my legs are long, but then I feel like I'm reaching too much for the handlebars. This stem has completely changed that. As I ride around town I have noticed that I'm finally getting things to exist where I intuitively reach for them. That's proving to be good when attempting to take photos, ride a bike, and stay safe in Boston traffic, all at the same time.


Anonymous said...

Nice looking bike!
In reading the earlier blog entry that you referenced, I loved the line, " . .[would like to add] a wine box from a good vineyard for carrying groceries . . ."

Contemporarily-classy, love it.

Charlotte said...

It's a good bike, and a good use of a former 10-speed racing-style bike. I don't think anyone will race on it anymore so I'm glad to have it converted to a townie. It's got some pretty relaxed touring geometry (a really long wheelbase almost impossible to carry up to my apartment in our narrow stairway) so this is a great new life for it.

Still working on the winebox! I start getting my farm-share next week, so I'll need a grocery solution soon.

Michael said...

beautiful frame...

We're getting our CSA share soon as well - and really looking forward to picking it up by bicycle...

I'll be posting some lovely photos from that - local organic vegetables and beautiful bikes and my stylish roommate Jennifer - all adds up to some serious cycle chic... i hope. : )