11 June 2008

New Bike Excitement!!!

white Raleigh three speed

Raleigh 3 speed Ladies sportA new bike is so much fun, even if it's vicarious excitement!

I'm all fired up because my friend K got a new bike this evening. It is a 1971 Raleigh Sports, purchased from the same folks where Swiss Miss got her bike: Menotomy Vintage Bicycles.

It just goes to show you - she's been waiting for a white Raleigh ladies' bike since last fall. Patience is a virtue, and K is very happy with her bike.

A short walk down Newbury Street garnered numerous compliments from the passerby. K was chagrined when a cute boy on a green Raleigh Sport commented on her bike. Only as he was riding away did she notice that he was cute... she was too busy checking out his bike!

She's working out what to name this girl bike. We have a strong contender but are happy to take suggestions!

white raleigh three speed


Anonymous said...

Please grace her with a recognizably-British name hopefully.

That's a very nice bike, eminently suitable for urban riding.

Please check the number of teeth on the cog; they mostly seem to come with an 18 tooth which is pretty long legged. I'll grant I'm an old guy in no hurry, but every one of my 3-speeders has a 22 tooth Shimano cog allowing me to never need standing up to pedal.

2whls3spds said...

Beautiful Bike!!!! I love the old Raleighs. (Beautiful Young Lady too ;-) ) I hope she enjoys it for many, many years to come.


Peg Bowles said...

How about Blanche?

Charlotte said...

To Sarah:
I *will* tell K you said hi!

Anonymous said...

Just say what you see and call her Gorgeous. ;-)

Whatever you choose to call her, say her name forever with a smile.

Roadrider said...

Very nice! I guess she's still waiting for her custom leather handgrips to arrive. I remember when those were new!

Charlotte said...

Roadrider - do you think custom leather or natural cork would look better?

Melissa said...

I just recently named my new Bianchi (Bianca, natch), so I feel the pain of trying to create a name for something that you'll have such an intimate relationship with.

I like the idea of a British name for the British bike (part of the reason Bianca is Bianca, too). Maybe after a famous British woman? Margaret (Thatcher) or Enid (Blyton) or Charlotte (Bronte) or Aphra (Behn)? (Can you tell I'm a literature and political nerd?)

Let us know what your friend decides!

You can swoon over my bike at http://mel21clc.livejournal.com/307997.html.

Anonymous said...

Princess Di comes to mind...

2whls3spds said...

I would vote for the cork grips over the leather, but that is personal preference...bike looks like an "Emily" to me and I have no clue why...


Michael said...

I think it would be very difficult not to name this bicycle something like:






gwadzilla said...

delicious works

unless my wife is listening
in which case
I did not see the beautiful women
I was only looking at the vintage bicycle

The Wife in Stilettos said...

i fell love at first sight with this bike! i have been searching for a girly bike that fits me perfectly... to no avail.

i hope you don't mind if i link your blog to mine so i can show your bike photo... i'm a 2-week old blooger. don't know how this should work.

Charlotte said...

Wife in Stilettos,
Sure, you can link to this post. All you need is the URL: