06 June 2008

Our staircase to the fourth floor

Any question about why my husband chose a folding bike can probably be answered with this single photo:

Boston staircase folding bike
We aren't alone in dealing with stairs. Anyone else with crazy stairs?


Marc said...

makes sense to me! I'll get back to you with a pic, although my own staircase to the 4th floor ain't all that bad, similar to yours, in general we gots ourselves some crazy steep and narrow stairs alright! Hence, the only bike I bring up and down is the Strida.

Well, and maybe my future Pashley, if all other options fail.

Krista said...

Good lord, that's a lot of stairs. Is your bike real heavy? Hope there's somewhere you can leave it... downstairs.

Charlotte said...

Yes, my landlord is a cyclist so he gave me access to a locked place downstairs where I keep my bike. There's only room for one, so my husband has a folding bike. It works out, but yeah, it's a lot of narrow stairs!

Michael said...

I will never complain about my straight shot stairs again...

Although, for full disclosure - our building has 3 entrances - and the straight shot one is the one we use - the others have winding bending stairs - but NOTHING like this.

Drunk and In Charge salutes your stairway bravery.