18 June 2008

The white Raleigh Sports is named

white Raleigh Sports LadiesK tells me that she's settled on on the name Maggie and that indeed, "the Lady's not for turning".

I want to add that the bike, however, turns as needed!

Happy trails to K and Maggie. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and support.


Tom said...

Wow! K looks great and Maggie seems to be a great match. Best of luck of your rides!

Anonymous said...

Maggie then it is, and as a nickname of the name Margaret it leads the mind directly to two ladies of modern British history. Of the two, ol alf more enjoys remembering the Princess Margaret - often scandalous, sometimes naughty - the late younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II.

Miss K, ride Maggie with a sense of responsibility for the auto drivers around you; a sexy lady on a sexy bike can be very distracting to the men in the cars.