06 June 2008

Bike wardrobe creative fix

high heels on a bike
A reader of this blog sent in her story of a bike wardrobe fix:
On our way to the annual Bike Alliance Auction in Seattle, by the time I had ridden off the ferry from Bainbridge Island, I realized the heel straps on my shoes weren't as tight as I thought! . Happily, a quick thinking stop at Elliot Bay Cycle sent me on my way not only secure, but a little safer! My husband's tux didn't need a thing. Isn't that the way with men's clothes?

Sure is! Props to you for riding pedals with clips and heels at the same time, I'm impressed.

We've all seen the guy with the binder clip from his office re-purposed as a trouser clip, and plastic bags re-used as seat covers and shoe covers. On a rainy Friday I'd love to hear about other bike wardrobe quick-fixes!


James T said...

Great picture! I love that fix.

Anonymous said...


Someone pointed me to you.

I make reflective patches and reflective silk scarves.

Pretty much reflective anything. Locally, even.

you can email me at
sarah at haptotrope dot com and let me know what you have in mind.

(ps: sorry if this is duplicated - blogger doesn't seem to like my word verification)