11 June 2008

Elegant Summer

I saw her pedaling sedately in our scorching heat and was captivated with her ensemble: note how her bag coordinates with her outfit, they're hard to see but her earrings and bracelets do too. While we were chatting she told me that her children have their own bikes and she gets many compliments during family outings, riding calmly together.

She feels no need for speed. She gets there in her own time, gracefully.

As I rode away I tried to think of words to describe the encounter. "Gracious" and "regal" were the ones which came to mind. She made my day more beautiful. That's the definition of cycle chic.


miss sarah said...

As they say in England, what a yummy mummy!

ajoolah said...

Thanks for the comments. It *was* a hot day!

Best Wishes,

Scott Phillips said...

I rather like the cage pannier thing that she has attached to her rack (at the back of her bike). Anyone know where these can be bought? I have a rather more lo-fi version of this made from a milk crate, and it's incredibly useful, but it looks like this one can fold away.