13 June 2008

Found a wine box to make my bike basket!

I'm very excited, I've been waiting a year and a half to do this (since we came back from France). This particular box did not contain the very best wine, but it's wooden and was previously on its way to a landfill and will be a perfect prototype project.

Looking into wine box bike baskets, they seem to all be in the front but this box is so large that I think it may need to go on the back. It will be just the thing to pick up my Community Food Share, with a bungee net over the lot.

I'm currently researching how to attach these boxes, here is what I've found so far:

1. A holder basket plus struts, which look nice in that you could bring in the box in bad weather.

2. A nice front rack
Relevant text includes:
The wine box is fastened to the rack with 8 hefty zip ties which are passed through holes drilled in the box. I reinforced the box with a couple of long square-drive stainless deck screws on each corner as wine boxes are nailed and will probably work loose otherwise. To protect the box from the weather I coated it inside and out with marine grade teak oil left over from another project. An oil finsh can be easily recoated as needed, will allow the wood to weather gracefully to a warm hue over time and won't chip off when banged around. In true Bakfiets style, I also drilled a couple of drain holes at the back, lower end of the box to keep standing water to a minimum when it's left out in the rain.

3. Perhaps my favorite, from Vélo Vogue, which is very simple with just struts and hooks. It looks like the light is mounted to the underside of the box.

wine box bike basket custom DIY modification
Photo from Vélo Vogue.

If anyone knows of other inspiration, please comment. I will be sure to post lots of photos of whatever we end up with!


Anonymous said...

Can't help but love the relaxed sentiment on the wine box: (il dolce) far niente. ^.^

JPTwins said...


You've got you finger on the coolest things. I've been looking to do something like that as well.

I was recently cleaning up/out my father's wine cellar from his days as a vintner, and there are loads of old wooden boxes there. I thought about bringing one home on the plane, but they were just so heavy. Seeing that image of the wine box cut in half horizontally opened my eyes. yeah!

My question is where to order that front rack you showed. I tried following the links. I'll be holland soon and am debating whether to load up on bicycle gear for my current bike or pick up a snazzy used opafiets.

My other problem which prevents me from using any of the WALD baskets is that I have a HUGE 27" frame, which nothing seems built for. this leaves with only the porteur-style racks as options. The picture looks like he might be using a CETMA rack.

rock on!

Charlotte said...

Wow, to have one's father's vintage wine box would be the very ultimate in this aesthetic! How I wish!

If I were you I might go with third option, as it would be infinitely adjustable to any size frame (just depend on the length of your stays, if you can fabricate some long enough). That said, I have no more information than what is in the post. There really isn't a whole lot out there for information.

I'll have another post on what we did with my box, but probably in about two weeks.

27" frame? Really?

Charlotte said...

Upon reflection, I think you might want to contact AntBikeMike. I don't know if he can build you a custom rack for your box and your bike, but he could probably help direct you to a resource. I think that ultimately you're going to want to go custom.

Andrew Ross said...

I've also been trying to figure out how to do this after discovering Fast Boy Cycles on Flickr. Here's two of his custom bikes with wooden boxes:



He builds his own racks, and unfortunately you can only get them if you buy a bike.

The best rack I've been able to find is from this basket maker in the Netherlands. I wish I could find someone in North America who sells them.




JPTwins said...

Good news! I just returned from Holland and got one of these great rack for about 40 euros:


I may or may not put a basket on it, but just wanted to let readers know about that option. This, of course, is more of a dutch bike rather than a french bike option. :)

Carice said...

I've been looking for a steco rack too
I think I finally found a web site that will ship the steco racks internationally. I was just about to place an order, and thought I'd sleep on it first.. If it doesn't fit I don't want to be trying to send it back...


HereBeDragons said...

How cute is that! Only, I'm not sure where to get a wine box. Nicely done.

Chris said...

This a super cool idea, one that I just finished. I used a Soma mini alloy front rack for a foundation, and then attached a wince crate onto it. You can see it here: