27 March 2008

Brooks cycling trouser cuffs

It is hard to find an attractive cycling cuff. Everything looks like you should be constructing the road, not riding on it. The only nice cuff I've found is this Brooks leather cuff for $40. It is classy, but I'm afraid I'll lose it.


Anonymous said...

Great blog! I saw it linked off the Velo Orange site and read 80% of it before I realized you were from Boston. I'm always concerned about not looking like a slob on the bike (less in winter I guess) as well, so I like what you're doing.

I think the best current way to go is a pair of simple, understated metal cuffs. You can pick them up for about $5 at Cambridge Bicycle or Bikes Not Bombs, I believe.

Literally just a thin strip of silver metal, without all the neon ridiculousness and high prices. Simple, easy, and draws no attention. I sometimes forget I'm wearing them at work!


chic cyclist said...

Thank you for the tip - I will check out Cambridge Bicycle and see what they have. I'm rocking my sequined cuffs for spring, but I would never limit my wardrobe over $5. A metal cuff will be just the thing sometimes.

I was linked at Velo Orange? That has to be the biggest compliment yet!

See you around town!

Anonymous said...

Well, I think it may have been you linking TO Velo-Orange, but if it makes you feel better the other way round, I won't rain on your parade.

James said...

Yikes, 40 bucks. I use a nice reflective cuff that our local grocery store was giving to kids on halloween. It rolls up like this one and snaps into place thanks to an internal metal stip, but I won't sweat it if it gets lost one day.

chic cyclist said...

I think I know those things - we knew them as slap bracelets and they were outlawed at my elementary school because of kids compulsively slapping them on and off, and the noise that made.

I remember them being available in every color/pattern imaginable. Now I will go check out a toy store and see what's available.

Thanks for the idea!

burrito said...

I too looked around for nice cuffs and found nothing... so I started making them. I'm just listing them online now - here's the first one: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=18083914

More to come!

(That Brooks one is awfully pretty though!)