19 March 2008

Reward Offered for a decent looking bike helmet

I would pay a lot for a helmet that doesn't look stupid. This one isn't too bad, it would be especially pretty on someone with blue eyes (mine aren't, Ms. M I'm thinking of you for this one!). It's currently on backorder at Performance Bicycle and available at Cadence Cycle.

If anyone sees a decent looking helmet, please let me know!


dot said...

Have you seen the helmets that Nutcase has? They've got some fresher looks.


Anonymous said...

curious if you've seen fuseproject's (yves behar of $100 laptop fame) design for the nyc helmet. its basically a helmet for those who like the hat look over the helmet look.


sorry, i couldn't find any other documentation. i believe its also featured in id magazine's 2008 year in review.

Charlotte said...

I hadn't seen that one!

I'm not a fan of the *hat over helmet* look, but that looks like an odd love child, and has its own appeal. I could definitely see it working in NYC.