11 March 2008

Jolly Bikes are bringing happy Gazelles to Boston

Are you looking for a custom bike purpose built for commuting, and don't want to build it yourself? A pair of ladies in Boston (Jolly Bikes) will import a Dutch Gazelle just for you, in your choice of an array of colors. This legendary Dutch brand Gazelle (in business since 1895) has a reputation as the "Mercedes Benz of bikes."

Because Gazelle thrives in the fertile soil of Dutch cycle culture they've thought out every aspect of bikes as transportation and so they are practical, thoughtful, stylish, and not cheap in any sense.

Here in America the Jolly Bike ladies then take your order a step further, with a custom painted jasbeschermer (coat/dress guard). What would you have painted on yours? I might have mine painted to match their cute panniers/saddlebags.

This bike looks like it was custom made for my mother. I wonder if I could get her riding with a bike that was this personalized? For her I'd have the jasbeschermer painted to reflect all her children. I think she'd like that.


Peg Bowles said...

She would like that. I happen to know because I am her.

JPTwins said...

Not to steal the thunder of the Gazelles, but the Dutch Bicycle Company has a little showroom up in Somerville, MA with some very nice Workcycles and Bakfiets, all very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Not to steal the thunder from the dutchbikes.us, but I have a Jolly Bike (Gazelle) and they rock! You get a custom paint job on your Jasberchremmer (sp?). These things are like tanks. Think Volvo of the bikes!

Anonymous said...

Hey there-
This is Monet from JollyBike. Thanks so much for your very kind words about our bikes. I wonder how you heard about us.

chic cyclist said...

The man who sold me my used bike sent me your link. So many bikes, so little time! Thanks for bringing us more options.

britta said...

I am very amazed that Jolly Bikes is bringing Gazelle to the USa because as far I know Gazelle is not exporting yet to America. I know this first hand because I am the main connection for Gazelle here and have done all the feasibility studies and am in constant talks with the Export Directors of Gazelle in Holland.

Further: Gazelle is now exporting to Australia (http://gazellebicycles.com.au) and is setting up its own website in the USA which is http://gazellebicycles.us soon.
For more information: 202 321 7888 or email: vonbulow@gmx.de.
PS but": Gazelle IS coming to the USA and that is fantastic news indeed:)


Charlotte said...

If you follow the link to the JollyBike website I think you'll see that these are "grey market" bikes, involving a parent in the Netherlands and a daughter in Boston.

G said...

I so despaired at not having access to decent commuter bikes that I brought a Gazelle Impala (2007) home from Amsterdam a summer ago. It was beautiful.

Alas, last Friday someone thought it was just too beautiful as it was and decided to break the head light, snapping its supporting bracket in two.

Anyone know where I can get Gazelle Impala parts in NA? My option now is to call up the Amsterdam dealer who sold it to me and ask her to send me a replacement.

henry said...

Henry from WorkCycles here,
Its great to see somebody bringing proper Dutch bicycles into Boston, even better with happily customized jasbeschermers!

I think its funny to call the Dutch parent/daughter connection "grey market". Perhaps "orange market" would be more appropriate?

No thunder needs to be stolen from dutchbikes.us by the way, since they no longer sell WorkCycles or Bakfiets bikes. We stopped doing business together at the end of 2007. This seems to leave Jolly Bikes as the only "dealer" of Dutch bikes in Massachusetts.

I hope its a great success.