21 March 2008

Cycling Skirts 2008

It is a fact of cycling that for a given distance it is more comfortable with the chamois found in padded shorts. I don't think there is any way around that. That said, padded shorts look ok on men, but they don't do women any favors. The visible maxi-pad look is one we've feared since middle school.

My solution has been bike shorts with a skirt over them. This can be an ordinary skirt, or one of the many reasonably cute skorts now available. Here are some options for Spring 2008:

Pearl Izumi makes a classic - I have a previous version of this skirt which has been complimented worldwide (well, in Paris and Connecticut). The fun part is the two zippers which make it sexier or more straight-laced (not that anything more is on display)

I am very interested in the yoga waistband on these shorts from REI. I think this skirt has potential and I look forward to trying it on in person.

The lightness of the fabric for these Sugoi Technifino shorts seems more wearable to me than the more obviously "sport" fabrics. Plus they're on sale! There are other options at Team Estrogen, some more or less sporty.

LLBean now sells cycling skorts! I never would have guessed that. I particularly like the Shebeast skirt.

I don't usually gravitate to the Terry products, but they are a resource.

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