13 March 2008

Chic Fenders - wooden or chrome

If your going to the effort of looking nice on a bike, you'll want to protect yourself with something nearly as attractive.

Wooden Fenders:
I want these wood fenders on my next bike, which may be one I'm building up for my sister. They need just the right frame to set them off...
For my dad, the Surfer Series from Full Wood Fenders would be just the thing. He'd want a surfboard rack while I'm at it. The wooden checkerboard they offer is also stunning!
For my husband's folding Brompton, I think we'll have to DIY.
And, because this blog is mostly my own shopping list, here's a site I want to revisit: Sale Fenders.

Chrome Fenders:
I think the best value in chrome fenders is offered by the Vélo Orange Fluted fenders. However for my commuter I just had to have these Honjo hammered fenders. They just look right on my bike, bringing out that silver Dawes badge. Installing them was not trivial. I recommend printing out and reading twice the official instructions and also the Velo Orange instructions. We found we needed a happy medium between the two. The Flickr photo pool also helped, particularly the photos with comments.


Zakkaliciousness said...

Cool fenders. Sögreni in Copenhagen does some mean, bespoke fenders, among other accessories. I have a photo of one of his wooden fender here

chic cyclist said...

Thank you for that link, those are smooth looking bikes!

Thank you also for your photo of the wooden fender - my husband and I have been debating about how they will wear and I see we're both right - he's right that's they'll weather over time and I'm right that they'll still look *beautiful*.

JPTwins said...

When I saw this, I instantly thought of the fender I just saw on craigslist:

all wood, pretty swank and certainly a good deal!


miffaedemuir said...

Hi! We make wooden fenders in Edinburgh using reclaimed timber and formica. We are only 6 months old but we have quite a large a range - there are lots of photos on our Tumblr blog if you'd like to see them :-)


Best wishes