25 March 2008

Commuter Helmets

Bell has a line of inexpensive helmets designed for commuting, called the Metro. They aren't ugly, for a helmet! (note: the visor is removable)

They say it is designed to blend with your street clothes. It is true that the softer lines look more natural for everyday.

It seems you you can attach your favorite blinkie light to the flasher strap, and it has the harness that adjusts to your head. It is vented for cooling but you can add the optional winter kit to plug the vents for comfortable cool weather riding.

They're on sale at Nashbar, models from '04, '05, and '06 in an assortment of colors. I just happen to gravitate to the blues, but there is a pretty fuschia, and a nice matte black.

I think think I need this helmet.


Anonymous said...

I've used this helmet for about two years now and I love it. Simple, unobtrusive, with no pretense about being in the Giro.

The winter kit also got me through a Boston winter with a grin on my face. It tends to muffle sounds a little bit, but not too bad.

I don't see any reason to get another helmet unless you race.

Anonymous said...

Here is another bike helmet round-up, though some of them look like construction hard hats:

MarkSF said...

When I recently began commuting by bike in San Francisco, I bought the successor to the Bell Metro, the Bell Citi, in a color called "safety orange," which is actually orange and silvery-gray. When I wear it I look like a traffic cone. Here's a picture of it. www.amazon.com/Bell-Citi-Bike-Helmet/dp/B000BOC8I2 I like it for its high visibility and it has a sort of geek appeal. I also like being able to stick a blinkie on the back. Bell also makes a mirror (the Bell Metro Mirror) that is custom made to fit on the visor. www.goodalesbikeshop.com/goodales/product.asp?s_id=0&dept_id=3022&pf_id=PAAAAABGHPPDAAAI&