12 March 2008

Product Review: Rivendell summer gloves

Most commutes don't last long enough to need gloves in the summertime (your mileage may vary). Cycling-sport clothes don't really fit this blog's charter.

Yet all these concerns melted away admiring the Rivendell summer gloves. They're just so classic, cheerful, and just plain pretty. It is pouring rain out at the moment but they make me think of hot summer rides and the very desirable crochet-glove tan lines. All these happy thoughts for $15? I'm ordering them now!

UPDATE: These gloves arrived and they're sized for monsters. I don't know if any woman could fit in these. I wear a size 8 glove (extra-large for women) and these gloves were extremely uncomfortably huge. They were on their way back to Rivendell in less than an hour. So bummed.

Another Update: Rivendell was super cool about taking them back and refunding my money. Thanks!


gentleman's bike said...

I've talked to them about this. There is some crazy deal with the manufacturer and they only have sizes XL, XXL, and XXXL. That's how they are marked at least. The XLs are about a men's small. I bought some of these for my girlfriend's small hands and she loved them so much I got some for every woman in my household....


Charlotte said...

So I normally wear a men's small. That's what I am still wearing in Pearl Izumi, because the Rivendells were too enormous. I can't imagine how any woman could ever wear the gloves I was shipped.

My point was mostly that gloves have been sized for a reason. I wear size 8. It's a measured value. XL = Man's L = Woman's XXL - it's all meaningless. Why don't they just measure the gloves?