07 March 2008

Helmet covers - hot or not?

I haven't decided if this Fresh Talent helmet cover is chic or silly. I had a jockey-style silk helmet cover for my equestrian helmet when I was a child, I may be projecting my feelings about that helmet cover/fashion faux pas on this helmet cover, which is why I say I'm undecided.

  • doesn't look as helmet-y
  • washable
  • the reflective ribbon is brilliant (in every way)
  • changeable on a whim

  • looks like a helmet cover

What are your thoughts? Is is hot or not?


Anonymous said...

Not, I think. I would feel embarrassed to wear it. But then I'm not much of a hat person. Some people can really carry them off. Nice try though and the ribbon is a good touch.

Melody said...

It is definitely hot! I'm dying for one. They have them in black, pink, navy blue. The helmets are justso masculine even the ones with light colors. I can work this hat with an outfit and keep rolling! What's the best way to get one of these babies? Let me know. Help!