13 March 2008

Reisenthel bike baskets

They're not cheap at the moment with the dollar devalued, but these Reisenthel bike baskets are certainly full of Euro insouciance! I mean, it's a basket but not, you know?

These are specially made for bikes and come in several colors/patterns. I like that you can remove the basket and bring it with you in the store. Do your shopping with this basket, check out, and load your groceries directly into the bag, eliminating wasteful shopping bags. I've read that the connection to the bike is simple and stable, but be sure that you have enough clearance. The bottom of the basket is cloth and will sag with heavy loads.


JPTwins said...


I found your blog right as I got into tons and tons of work-wasting researching, and your site seems to be a good bike fashion destination. As I couldn't find any direct contact, I'll just post this in this note:

Check out these panniers. Gorgeous. Colors and design a little too feminine for me, but the idea is perfect.


chic cyclist said...

You are right, those are fabulous!
I'd love to do the wavy lines as a DNA helix... hmmm.... :)

Anonymous said...

I own the same reisenthel bike basket and I love it. I have used it almost every day since May. I recently noticed the aluminium frame was bent and now this morning I notice that the join in the frame has snapped. This is very sad. I am going to try and contact Reinenthel to see if they have spare parts.