07 March 2008

Lacy bike baskets

Available in green, black, and white, these bike baskets were inspired by vintage Swedish crochet tablecloths. This is just the kind of thing I'd expect from the SFMoMA, but I was pleasantly surprised by the $50 price tag. This basket seems to me to be practical art. It is described as being used as a shopping basket as well, canvas strap included. I only wish I knew what it was made from (probably shopping basket plastic?).

I'd love to see the black lace basket on a black bike. Not terribly visible, but oh so elegant!


Peg Bowles said...

Okay - nobody would ever accuse me of being chic in a cyclist sense, but even I can appreciate the elegance of this basket. It is always eyecatching to be functional in a pretty way.

Anonymous said...

very cool.
did a little more research and found this:

looks like it's plastic, so you wouldn't want to load it down...