31 March 2008

Man's Urban Cycling Jacket?

My husband has asked me for an urban cycling rain-resistant jacket. Over our morning bike date we came up with the following wishlist:
  1. Color: light enough to be seen in the city, but dark enough to resist bike grime
  2. Length: short to avoid getting caught in wheels (Burburry trench coat is out)
  3. Storage: possessing a pocket at the lower back, accessed with an invisible zipper
  4. Reflectiveness: possessing French-cuff style reflective flaps at the wrist, reflective tape under the collar so it will reflect when turned-up, and a reflective flap which would come down over his backside, at car headlight level
  5. Style: finally the jacket needs to do all this and look completely normal otherwise

What are we forgetting? Any other suggestions? Stay tuned for developments and photos.


JPTwins said...

You might have to leave out option #3 as that will make it look clearly like a biking jacket. I also think that based on your other posts, there will always be a bag somewhere and perhaps a breast pocket (a la Napolean Bonaparte) will be good to store cell phone. You can see those on some of the Arcteryx jackets.

As for color, i think a light grey or rust would be my preferences. And the reflector might have to be something you sew on.

I expect you'll be posting this once you find it, right?

chic cyclist said...

I think we'll be able to do the pocket without it being TOO noticable - when I post a photo be sure to tell me what you think!

I also think that I'm going to have to make the jacket myself. So I'll show lots of photos!

I hadn't considered rust for the color but that's a good idea.

Godfrey said...

Re option #3 - Have you thought of a jacket with a belt included in the fabric of the coat? (a Norfolk Jacket for example). You could then include a pocket under an adjusted belt. It will be a bit 30's - but that could be cool!. Cuffs that flip up rather than down could be good.

Charlotte said...

I don't know about you Godfrey, but my problem when cycling is that by extending my arms to the handlebars I expose a lot of my forearm. By folding *down* a cuff I will have the reflective out when I'm on the bike AND have myself covered (essential in a Massachusetts winter).

Anonymous said...

Charlotte -
Spent a lot of time on your blog tonight.

Did you ever find a "urban cycling rain-resistant jacket" for your husband?

Just curious as, I can feel the rain coming here soon and need to find a suitable riding jacket.

- man

Charlotte said...

I have 4 yards of stretchy rain-resistant taupe fabric, but I haven't cut it out and sewn it up yet.

We haven't found anything in stores that comes close (yet).

When either of those things happen I promise to let you know!