25 June 2009

Add a scarf

classic look lady cyclist
This lady knows - take a simple classic bike, add a simple classic outfit (LOVE those ballerina flats!) and then add a scarf. That's what I noticed first.

She's turned her head to say something to the cabbie, it seemed like a friendly chat.


Cully_J said...

I love the fenders too!

They seem to go perfectly with the fine scarf...

rollinginboston said...

Hi there, I love your blog!
This is completely unrelated to your post, but I wasn't sure how else to message you. I've started a new blog (rollinginboston.bostonbiker.org) and I'm wondering how you keep your blogger blog synchronized to your bostonbiker.org blog. I've noticed that you have both (as do I) and I'd like to be able to post to my blogger blog and have it automatically reflected on my other, without having to go and manually import it every time.
thanks for any suggestions from a cycling veteran, but blogging noob!

Charlotte said...

Hey rollinginboston,
Talk to Shane, he set me up!

Major Taylor said...

Yeh..That bike is simple and clean! She is ricking that helmet to.