29 June 2009

Cycling in Heels

blonde bicycling in heels on a mountain bike

It can be done, even on a mountain bike!


MamaVee said...

Ok, how sad is it that I am noting the woman walking in LEGGINGS and BOOTS. Come on MA, it's july!!!


Dottie said...

Those are exactly the type of shoes I love to cycle in but cannot manage to walk in!

Ann said...

How about a post on chic cycling in the rain! I know you have an old one on this, but I'd love to see another, just out of grim solidarity. I'm trying to find some decent and affordable rain pants. What a mess out there today!

lagatta à montréal said...

Ann, they are called leggings of course. You remove them once you have reached your destination. In colder rain you pack another legging to change into.

(And I mean leggings under skirts, not leggings alone, which are very tacky indeed).

Very few people can avoid looking horrid in rain pants. Suppose they are needed on a trek, but that has nothing to do with looking chic.