11 June 2009

Repair Station at MIT

bike bicycle repair station commuter benefitThanks to a tip from alert reader E, I got to check out the new repair station at the MIT Stata Center yesterday. It's located with the bike parking under a sheltered passageway, so you could work there when it's raining out. It's made by Dero, the same folks who make the racks we use at my office. This is the Fixit, and I wish the website showed how to hook your bike up there because I turned mine every which way and couldn't work out how it would stay up there (perhaps by seat tube they mean seat post?). Otherwise the selection of tools was nice, and I'm very grateful that MIT has provided this. Thank you MIT!

Next week I'll show you their new racks at the student center - they're really doing a great job of upgrading their bicycle infrastructure.
bike bicycle repair station commuter benefit
bike bicycle repair station commuter benefit
bike bicycle repair station commuter benefit
bike bicycle repair station commuter benefit


antbikemike said...

Wow, I love it, great idea. I think you are right about sliding the seat post in between the two tubes on the rack. The picture on the website show a guy using it that way. If you had a bag on your seat you would have to loosen it or move out of the way.

Mark said...

Wow - this is damn cool... we need more of this around town.

BTW: at about 17:30 today (Thursday) did you comment upon the red & black bikes of a man & woman jaywalking across Mass Ave near Berklee & the Christian Science Center? Someone said something about my & my wife's bikes and the bike & flower on the helmet made me think it might have been you. Just curious.

Charlotte said...

Yes! I said "Pretty bike!"
Yours is nice too, but your wife's red one is gorgeous!

Mark said...

Yes her bike is very nice looking - as i said when she got it - it is awesome colored.

SMB tech geeks said...

Bike repair centre? It looks more like some implement of torture!! I am sure it's IMMENSELY practical though... ;)