22 June 2009

Summer Cruiser

city cruiser bike
The rain here just won't quit, and I have no new photos.
I'm digging into the archive here to show you a girl I spotted in the South End, looking oh-so-summery.
It's summertime now, won't the rain please stop?


Lovely Bicycle! said...

Took me a while to figure out what she was wearing, but now I see it's short-shorts and a sling bag!

It is raining non-stop both in Boston and in Vienna. But whenever I want to complain, I just remember the 95% heat plus 100% humidity of the last few summer. I prefer the rain!

Diana said...

i wish it was raining here! let's trade! :)

spiderleggreen said...

I'll take rain over 105 heat index any day. I'll probably be wetter after my ride.

Carice said...

You know, it's not so much that it's raining, as that it's inconsistent.
If it's really raining, I'll just call it and ride the T.
This kinda drizzly, might really rain, might not is driving me crazy. It was dry enough today that I decided to ride in, and the drizzle got stronger and stronger until it was full out raining by the time I got to work. Fortunately I'm wearing quick dry fabrics today!
I need to get a rain cape!

Ann Marie said...

It's the rainiest/cloudiest June since 1903, according to the Boston Globe. Gah!

Cully_J said...

She's wearing clipless sandals too, eh?

So stylish!


Dottie said...

So fashionable in an unexpected way! As for rain - I kept wanting it to stop in Chicago, but now it's in the 90's. Boo.

Christa said...

Yay, beach cruiser in Boston!

It's been gloomy here in San Diego for all of May and June. CLOUDS, not rain, stop people from going out.