27 June 2009

Rainy days are better together

Schwinn tandem bike bicycleDon't you just love this blue Schwinn tandem? Spotted in East Cambridge, I was delighted on a rainy day to discover they'd decorated the bike with blue and pink butterflies.

I've amused myself on my commutes since, trying to work out who might own a bike like this. It's just too darling!

butterflies decorating a bike


Carice said...

Oh, I've been coveting a vintage tandem since seeing one at Metonomy cycles. They're reasonably priced, but where to put it!

MamaVee said...

ok for some reason my feed thing wasn't updating that you had new posts!!! that tandem is too cute for words.

Filigree said...

The first thing that cam to mind when I saw this was "Smurfs!" : )

m e l i g r o s a said...

oh. ♥im in so in love

Phillip said...

I own this bike :-) That is our beautiful "watusi"...while searching for pictures of schwinn tandems (I am in the middle of getting her ready for another season and needed inspiration), I came across this picture...love that she made your day!

K and P