23 June 2009

Bicycle Inspired Décor

bike inspired decorating
OK, the weather is still just awful. Let's go shopping, shall we? I recently walked past M. Flynn Accessories and was impressed by the jewelry, but I was even more excited to see their wallpaper. How cute is that? She said it was shockingly expensive, and I believe her!

bicycle wall paper


Cathy said...

Wow, that is gorgeous wallpaper.

Jen said...

It's too fancy for my house but it is beautiful.

Lovely Bicycle! said...

Oh my, that is just too cool! I am so visiting this shop when I return to Boston.

pattaya.h said...

i'm not really sure how to contact you otherwise, so i'm just leaving a comment.

first of all, i love your blog. i wish i was more into bikes (slash had my own cool bike) but i'm not and i be a po' college kid.

but i found this light up bike lane for bikes and i have a post about it on my blog. it's not available to the public yet, but i'm sure a lot of people will be really excited when they finally do release it.

but yeah, i think you're doing a great job with this blog and i love that youre from boston.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the person who designed it knew anything about bikes bike/culture.

the turkey wing brake levers, stem shifters and the reflector scream Varsity/continental.

Personaly I like those bikes, and feel that it lends some true americana bike history feel to the paper, but most bicyclists refuse to give them any props(I know cause all mine are made fun of a lot). If the designer was aware of how uncool the bike is then that is some truly badass paper. If not, then it is still very cool.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Loving this wallpaper!!!

Christa said...


It's on her website too. So cute.